Robotic surgery

State-of-the-art treatment, fast recovery

Robotic-assisted surgery is the most accurate way to perform partial knee replacements, total knee replacements and total hip replacements.

The Wellington Hospital is a major centre for robotic surgery, and where Mr Miles carries out surgical procedures using the Mako® robotic arm, a state-of-the-art piece of technology that allows him to perform surgery with an incredible degree of accuracy.

As well as patients reporting less pain and better post-surgical motion and function, studies have shown that robotic surgery results in many patient benefits over conventional replacement procedures. These include:

  • Quicker return to an active lifestyle
  • Less tissue damage
  • Less inflammation
  • Less bleeding
  • Less time in hospital
  • Increased implant lifetime
  • Fewer surgical revisions

Personalised preparation

No two patients are the same. It’s this thinking that informs Mr Miles’ approach to the treatments he offers, and the Mako® robotic arm-assisted system is a huge part of that.

We’ll give you a computer tomography (CT) scan of your legs. This helps us to build an accurate 3D model of your anatomy, including the joint to be replaced.

We then upload this onto the Mako® system so we can create a personalised plan of your operation. We’ll then run through this before your procedure to establish the exact size and fit of your implant.

Precision and accuracy

On the day of your surgery, we’ll insert some markers onto the bones. These allow the robot to “see” where your bones and joint are positioned at all times during the surgery, and are removed before the end of the procedure.

The robot arm allows Mr Miles to achieve incredible accuracy while making incisions to perform the replacement surgery. It also allows us to measure accurately the length, angle and tension of your ligaments, so your leg will feel as natural as possible after surgery.

Another feature of the Mako® robotic arm is that it guides us to pre-defined, specified areas, creating boundaries around tissues to protect them, thus removing the risk of damage to nearby healthy bone or tissue.

Watch as Mr Miles explains more about working with the Mako® robotic arm.

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